How Varhost Works

Varhost is the branch of GeniusWeb that serves small-scale hosting providers (value added resellers, or VARs) who want a top-tier bare-metal hosting environment at minimal expense.
Colocation Data Center

Varhost is itself a VAR: the business model is to lease cabinet space in premium data centers, and resell the power, bandwidth, and space to smaller hosting providers.

The sole reason Varhost is able to offer the cost savings it does is by offering clearly defined limited support. Response to outages is swift, though rarely necessary, and Varhost system administrators have more than fifteen years of experience in the hosting environment. Varhost's support system is minimal but efficient- customers are expected to manage all aspects of their hosting solution on their side of the power bridge and router.

Colocation is easy: prepay, ship your preconfigured server, and find your server installed in an environment which would otherwise cost substantially more.

OpenVZ container hosting is even better, allowing you to tap into the resources of our huge and powerful servers at a minimal cost.

Getting Started

Sign in using Facebook to create your account, submit a ticket if you have an inquiry or need a customized quote, or for faster service make your purchase instantly using the shopping cart. Varhost will then respond with further instructions typically in less than one business day.